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"The one waits for time to change, the other tackles it vigorously - and acts." (Dante Alighieri)

The past year has shown just how quickly time changes. This is precisely why we would like to use the Christmas season to pause and reflect on the past year, which flew by with its ups and downs. 2024 will once again bring us all great challenges and I-WUNDER will continue to act with new ideas and new technologies, but above all with drive, confidence and lots of energy for our customers.

We wish all our customers, business partners and friends a peaceful and contemplative Christmas and lots of confidence and energy for a successful and wonderful 2024!

The managing directors and your team at I-WUNDER


At the end of the year, I-WUNDER is supporting the Malteser Hilfsdienst's aid for the needy and homeless.

Successful churn management

Successful churn management 18.10.2023

Deutsche Glasfaser ("DG") was able to successfully manage the introduction of the TKG amendment in 2022 with solutions from I-WUNDER and further reduce its cancellation figures despite significantly shorter switching periods.

Rainer Rupprecht, Head of DAC (Data, Analytics & Campaigning) at Deutsche Glasfaser commented:
"At the time of the change in the law, we at Deutsche Glasfaser were not yet in a position with our team to deal with the issue in the allotted time. In addition, we lacked the special expertise on termination behavior in the telco industry that the I-WUNDER team had. Working together, I-WUNDER gave us the solution path and 'enabled' the department's need for reliable facts and figures."

Deutsche Glasfaser particularly benefited from the project's combination of technical expertise in the telco market and the tailored Data Science solutions. DG emphasizes:
"that particularly valuable for us was the approach to the topic and the fact that the knowledge and experience were transferred to us."
Today, it can be said that the company has successfully met the challenges of the change in legislation and that DG's solutions for churn management are fully integrated and can be continuously expanded by the team itself.

I-WUNDER continues to consistently develop its solutions for churn management towards a generic solution for various industries. 

The complete reference report will be available shortly ...

„How Chatbots work – We need to talk“

„How Chatbots work – We need to talk“ 10.07.2023

Our young chatbot developer Yuqiong Weng gave a talk at the PyCon DE & PyData Berlin 2023 conference in April, supported by Dr. Katrin Reininger.

Follow the exciting field report from the development of a chatbot for e-mobility. The talk gives an overview of the basics of natural language processing (NLP), about intent-based chatbots and their implementation in the Rasa Framework and ventures an outlook on future possibilities with Large Language Models à la ChatGPT.

The lecture can be viewed on Youtube here: „How Chatbots work – We need to talk“

Data Science Week 2023 – "Federated Learning with Analytical Workbench"

Data Science Week 2023 – "Federated Learning with Analytical Workbench" 28.04.2023

This year, I-WUNDER is once again holding its event for data analysis, algorithms and intelligent data-driven systems – the "Data Science Week 2023"!

Already for the 5th time, the Data Science Week will take place and will be something special this year after 3 years of Corona-related cancellation. From 2 – 5 May, the I-WUNDER team will meet in Gersfeld in the Rhön region and develop new innovative solutions. The theme of the week this year is: "Federated Learning with Analytical Workbench".

Federated learning is a form of machine learning in which several users or devices train local machine learning models in parallel. These models are transferred to a server, which combines all models without having access to the actual data of the clients. This creates a more robust and powerful model, which the server returns to the clients and which is optimised with each subsequent learning cycle. A major advantage of the method is data protection – the data of the individual devices do not have to be merged in an elaborate way, but only remain locally with the client. Powerful models can also be developed with small amounts of data – each client benefits from the data of the others. In addition, federated learning is expected to improve the predictive quality of the overall model.

The development week with hackathon will try out Federated Learning with different ML algorithms and explore the following questions: How well does Federated Learning work? What are the challenges in implementing the algorithm in a practical application? How fast does the method learn? Where else can it be applied?

In this year's Data Science Week, we are using a use case and image data from medicine (breast cancer detection, Wisconsin dataset), there are further use cases in autonomous driving, in online personalisation in mobile communications and the internet, in industry for predictive maintenance, in fraud detection in finance, and, and, and....

For the developments, we use the Analytical Workbench – our own analytical platform – and simulate a practical project with it.

We are looking forward to an exciting development week!

Digi­tisa­tion in logis­tics

Digi­tisa­tion in logis­tics 16.11.2022

Have you wanted to know for a long time how far your company is already exploiting the possibilities of digitisation and which potentials you can still exploit?

We'll tell you!

The data expertise of I-WUNDER and the logistics expertise of Fabian Rogalla Consulting are the perfect combination for the digitisation of the logistics industry. Benefit from manufacturer-independent neutral consulting and gain an honest and competent view of your company. With a proven and structured approach, we will lead you to success:

  • We analyse the status quo and determine your personal digital maturity level.
  • With this result, we create the roadmap to digital freight forwarding together with you.
  • If necessary, we support you in implementing the roadmap and introducing the digital solutions.

Your advantage - the digitisation of your company increases productivity, saves costs and achieves more revenue.

Download the info brochure on the digitisation check here!

Digitisation check on Fabian Rogalla Consulting



I-WUNDER has expanded its analytical services – with an application for simple and secure data provision. With the Upload Service of the Analytical Workbench, we offer large and small companies the possibility to quickly and easily start the professional analysis of their data. Describe your challenge, upload your data, and get started with our analytic services – whether it's implementing data management, data quality, and insight analytics, or developing reports, dashboards, specialized databases, or even a data warehouse. Our experts in data, analytics, and AI will provide you with high-quality expert analysis that delivers real insights and value. Try it out with the demo account (demo/demo) or request a personal account from us via For data without personal reference, we can start the analyses for you immediately; for personal data, we take care of the data protection agreement and order data agreement for you. This saves you valuable time and allows you to quickly generate added value from your data, even without your own analytics experts.

Focus on achieving your goals, we provide you with the right insights from your data to do so.

You can find the Analytical Workbench in the innovation area or under Analytical Workbench.



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